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About RVY

Welcome to RVY a new platform for young people in the Ribble Valley. A place to join a community, to make friends, go deeper with God and learn what it means to follow Jesus. 

Who is RVY? RVY is made up of individuals from different churches in the Ribble Valley area. It is overseen by Lucy Skelton (Youth minister St James', Clitheroe) and Chris Meyer (Former team leader for the Clitheroe Gap team).

All members of the team are DBS checked and have gone through a careful recruitment process to ensure they are safe and appropriate to be working with young people. To view our safeguarding policy click here.

At RVY there are three streams to connect with.

1. Youth events/Livestreams - Currently we are not able to run in person events due to the COVID-19 regulations, instead we are hosting monthly livestreams on our Youtube channel which will turn into events once we can do them. To find out more head to our Livestream page.

2. Gaming - Our gaming group meet online every week (starting in February). The group play over the internet together to complete challenges set by our gaming youth leaders. As well as the gaming they organise a video call at the same time so the group can chat, discuss and build friendship. To find out more head over to our gaming Page. 

3. Detached - From March we aim to have a team of trained youth leaders who will be heading out in the community every 1-2 weeks to talk to young people who are out and about in the community. If you'd like to know more about joining the team head over to our team page.