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We have a gaming community, made up of young people and youth leaders who love to game. We aim to meet up online Monday and Thursday evenings (alternating each week that we meet) at 6:30pm for an hour of gaming, chat and discussion...as well as good dose of competitiveness!

Currently we are playing three games...

Among Us - This is an app based game, so you'll need to use a tablet or smart phone to play. 

Minecraft - As long as you have the same version as the game is being hosted on, then you can join on a PC, Xbox, PS4, Tablet or phone.

Rocket League - This can be played on a PC, Xbox or a PS4.

We are always exploring and looking into other games that the group can enjoy together. If you have any suggestions then let us know!

For the chat/discussion part we use a video call through Zoom. This is to ensure that those playing and joining in with the game are of the right age (11-18) and are booked in to play. The Zoom details change each time the group meets. This allows us to control who is connecting and gives us the control to stop people playing if they are behaving in a way that is not appropriate. We have group rules for our gaming which must be adhered to and anyone not doing so may find themselves removed from the game they are on and banned from joining in with future games.

If you'd like to sign up to join in with the gaming group then sign up here!

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